LIFE shipyard about

Established in 1897, Lunenburg Shipyard is owned and operated by Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Limited or LIFE™ for short. Lunenburg Shipyard is dedicated to providing mariners with top quality marine support services. We take pride in our work and insure that quality services and products are delivered in a timely fashion at affordable rates.

Since 1891, the parent company, Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering Limited has been providing quality products and services to the marine, commercial, industrial and retail markets throughout the world and has gained a reputation for responsiveness and dependability. In more recent times, Lunenburg Shipyard has emerged as one of Canada's leading ship repair and marine manufacturing facilities.

Lunenburg Shipyard excels in a full range of repair and renovation services for mega yachts, including engine, mechanical, electronics, and hydraulics. We work in steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood and maintain a bronze and aluminum foundry, machine shop, metal fabrication shop, engine shop, propeller shop and marine sales department.

We operate:

  • 1600ton Marine Slipway
  • 1200ton Marine Slipway
  • Side Transfer System
  • 75ton Mobile Boat Hoist

 Services Include:

  • Some of the best and protected berthing with full services on the South Shore
  • A versatile welding shop
  • An adaptable mechanics bay
  • Long and short term boat storage
  • In-house machining and manufacturing
  • Propeller and propulsion system servicing
  • High quality painting and vessel cleaning